The Pastry Chef

Having first been introduced to Madeleines at Neiman
Marcus in the 1980s, Lori had her first authentic French
version several years later in Paris, where she was sent
after winning in the dessert category of a professional
chefs’ competition sponsored by Air France. It was there
that she bought her first Madeleine pan and received an
authentic French recipe from a shopkeeper at E.
Dehillerin, the famed cookware shop in Paris. When she
returned home, she packed it away and opened a
restaurant in Palo Alto, California, which she sold 10 years
later when she moved to Oregon to raise her young son.

It wasn't until recently, after retiring once again from the
restaurant business, that she finally unpacked the
Madeleine pan. Cameron, her teenage son, had some
friends over, and they asked her to make them some
chocolate chip cookies. After realizing she was missing a
few of the basic ingredients, she pulled out the Madeleine
pan and the deceptively simple, yet complex recipe.
Following the instructions precisely, she soon appeared
with a tray of golden fresh baked Madeleines, which were
quickly consumed. Delighted that they were just like the
ones she'd had in Paris so many years ago, she made
more to share with friends. And everybody loved them.
And they wanted more, and some to send as gifts to
THEIR friends.
So, she began baking them at a friend's
bakery and also selling them to local coffee
shops, espresso bars, and grocery stores.
Soon she added new packaging and some
exciting new flavors.

And so the story goes. . .

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